Packaging Design

 A new printing technique, which allows creating randomized double-sided labels had just been developed by a company called Lithobru and my task was to make this technique shine. First, we chose the bottle. The Long Island bottle creates a magnifying effect once filled with a clear liquid, gin in this case.

As the new printing technique can create individualized labels, we decided to create a big poster from which we would take random pieces to use on the adhesive side of the label. This meant that the poster had to be visually exciting with a minimal amount of white space.

Gin is mainly used as a base for cocktails and some varieties contain up to thirty different ingredients. This is how we came up with the theme “mixed” as we found it to be the best representation of the spirit.
Each bottle had to be unique yet follow the same visual identity. I chose to make a colourful collage with a mix of etchings, graphical shapes, typography, esoteric symbols, bird illustrations, and drawings of herbs used in the production of gin. I sneaked my name into the design, hidden as Morse code, as well as a reference to the 2003 movie classic “The Room”.

The reverse side of the label would be the same for all the bottles, showing a short description and an illustration. The name Janus refers to the two-faced Roman god.

The design won an honorary 4th place at the 2017 VS-Pack Convention contest in Cognac France.


Maison Linea / Lithobru


  • Photoshop


  • Poster
  • Labels